6 Human Needs (Inspo By Tony Robbins)

March 31, 2019by cclifefit0

6 Human Needs (Inspo By Tony Robbins)

March 31, 2019by cclifefit0

The past 2 weeks have been interesting for me.

I have been feeling rather restless.

After leaving my full time coaching role last June, I have just now finally established a good routine for myself. I coach & have personal training sessions most mornings & afternoons/evenings, which means I have the luxury of having the middle of the day to myself.

I can train.
I can eat lunch at home.
I can go for my walk.

And I can listen to shit. Podcasts, lectures etc.

However, the nagging sense of feeling the need to be more & do more is weighing down on me.

Honestly, my heart is telling me I can be doing bigger & better things, while my head stops me & creates huge blocks on that path.
Sometimes, many years of experience goes against you in the sense that you feel what you are doing is not enough.
Now don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about my situation.

I am very blessed.

I am convinced I have the best, most loyal & hardworking clients in the world. Who put all there trust & faith in me.
I have access to 5 gyms I can use anytime when I need too.

My boss is fairly flexible & trusts me to help her run her business & look after her members.
BUT that feeling is there.. that feeling exists.

I need to be aiming higher, doing better, perhaps evening building my own empire! Sounds cheesy as fuck but THIS is how I feel. The pressure I have put on myself to be the BEST I can be.

So when I feel like this, I listen & I read. I look for inspiration from others, who it seems have felt similarly in one aspect of there lives or another. The last 2 weeks I have consumed so much content at any given spare moment I have had. I have heard interviews with Jamie Fox, Lebron James, Vince Vaughn. I have listened to podcasts from James Smith & Jay Shetty and I have started reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the owner & founder of one of my favourite brands Nike.

People who have built their own empires, in one way or another.
My head is spinning with information. I had to take a break for a few days.
But the key standout for me was learning & finding out about the 6 Basic Human Needs, which honestly I had not come across until this week.

I wanted to share that all with you, in case you too, were not aware.

These 6 needs can be broken down into 2 categories:
1. Personality Needs
2. Spirit Needs

Our 4 Personality needs are:

  • Certainty
  • Variety
  • Significance
  • Love & connection

2 more Spiritual needs:

  •  Growth
  • Contribution

Will break these down in my own words & understanding for you all.
Our need & longing for Certainty tends to come from a survival instinct that is ingrained in us. Some things in our lives MUST be certain. We must know that we have access to food, water, shelter, safety etc What else does YOUR brain need to feel certain? Mine needs to know I can wake up, go get coffee & be able to train every day.

Sounds dumb, but it is true! That is part of my daily ritual & I need that certainty for my peace of mind.

How do you apply it to your life?
Something to think about maybe?

Variety comes from what we DO, SAY & FEEL.

We try/experience different things. Sports, games, adventures, activities, hobbies etc
We say different things. Learn different quotes, have different conversations with different people.
And we feel (#feelz) different emotions every second of every day. Happy, sad, angry, curious, frustrated etc…
To add to that we set new goals? Right?
Variety helps us from getting bored.
How do you add variety to your life?

Significance – to feel unique, special & important.
For me, this works wonders in my PT sessions. I like to make my clients feel significant & do everything I can that might help them experience that. Personally, even being acknowledged by someone, a simple hello, helps me feel significant to them, so I like to make sure I am practising this for others & my clients.

Love & Connection – Need for strong relationships, to belong.
Not going to go into this one very much, we have all hopefully felt love or been in love with another individual. You know what it feels like to experience this & hence why our soul craves this feeling.
A connection is formed on many levels. Friendship, business, Coach to Client, Partners.
Having the skill & patience to take the time to invest into someone by learning about them, asking questions, giving them your time or showing an interest by learning about the things they are interested in. I found these strategies really helpful in getting to know someone on a deeper level.

Love this. Grow or die! A sense of personal growth & self-development.
“Progress = happiness”

My personal example of feeling restless which always leads me to learn & absorb more.
How do you grow?
Play a new sport?
Travel to a different country?
My new most favourite word.
Japanese word. Kaizen “Continual lifelong growth..”

And finally, lucky last…

For me this is a sense of service, of helping others, giving back to others.
I am lucky I can do this on a day to day basis.
So there you have it. Me feeling restless = me learning something new than being able to share it with all of you!
Hope you enjoyed & maybe even got something out of that!

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