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June 16, 2019by cclifefit0

How do you continue to grow as an individual?
How do you challenge yourself?

I went through a period in my life where I was put in a situation where I felt completely challenged, uncomfortable and out of my depth.

After being a personal trainer for many years, I got offered an opportunity to transition into a full-time CrossFit coaching role.
In the beginning, I was excited. I thought just because I had experience and an understanding of what 1on1 personal training entails, I would slot right into a CrossFit group environment and be fine. For the most part, I was, but TBH I felt like I had HUGE gaps in my knowledge.

I had never coached Olympic weightlifting movements before.
I had never coached gymnastics.
I would still get nervous when there were 10+ people in one class.

The gaps in my brain affected my confidence and my performance as a coach.

And I fucken hated it.
The shit feeling.
I remember it clearly.
I hated standing in front of a room full of people that I was supposed to be leading, consumed with feelings of inadequacy.
I told myself I had to do something.

So I spent the next 2 years, developing and growing my skills as a coach. I threw myself into CrossFit courses, nutrition courses, and movement seminars. I would watch YouTube videos and try different movements and study how they were being coached. I would read articles on training methods and ideas.

I had no choice.
Sink or swim.
I choose to swim.
I didn’t let my lack of confidence defeat me.
I used it to be better.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.
N. R. Narayana Murthy

And you know what. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was shaping & developing me into the coach I am today. Everything you do in a single moment will affect you down the track at some point in your life.

In 2 years I expanded my knowledge.
I developed my skills as a CrossFit coach.
And throughout this, I found my passion and love for helping with the same confidence issue’s I struggled with in the beginning.

It took an incredibly uncomfortable situation for me to step up and fucken grow. NOT stay the same.

Now continual growth and self-development have become a huge part of my daily routine.

I used a number of courses to help me become a better coach. And now I use different methods to help me become a better, more well-rounded person.

3 ways that help me continue to grow. And that may help you also.

¹. Daily training. Making myself physically stronger. Pushing myself mentally to sometimes do things I don’t want to do.
Getting outside my comfort zone and trying something completely different like Wrestling for 10 weeks.
Training teaches discipline. Training gives you respect for your body.

². Listening to podcasts is my new favourite way to fill my mind with knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. While I’m driving, walking or sometimes just doing random shit around the house. Learning from people in my field that I look up to. It is such an underestimated pastime. I find a lot of inspiration from listening to people that are high achievers and successful in their fields. Getting any kind of tips I can use and implement in my own life.

³. Asking questions. This sounds dumb but honestly, picking the brain of someone else can be a powerful learning tool. I like to pick the brain of other coaches / personal trainers to see how they approach things and what I can possibly implement to be better.

Off course when it comes to personal growth nothing beats a good book. Most successful people, seem to have that in common. They read a lot. Trying to make this more of a personal goal for myself to get through more books every year.

I hope this can provide and add value to anyone who might be stuck in an uncomfortable situation perhaps lacking confidence in some area. The only thing you can do to help better yourself is to grow yourself.


Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
Benjamin Franklin