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July 4, 2019by cclifefit0
It’s that time again.
Time to pull out the trackies, hoodies, jackets, scarfs, beanies, gloves and all the rest.
Time to enjoy warm chicken soup for dinner a couple of times a week.
Personally, not a fan of this winter business.
I don’t enjoy being cold but I also don’t enjoy wearing a lot of clothing! 😀
I feel suffocated.
The easiest thing to do in winter is well nothing.
Stay inside.
Not Moving.
Not burning any calories.
Not getting out NEAT up because it’s too cold.
Unfortunately, getting to the gym can feel like an impossible task.
When it is windy, dark, cold and rainy outside. The chances of you going straight home after work or staying in bed in the morning are much higher.
Let’s be real. More people are likely to skip training this time of year than at any other time.
But what about your fat – loss goals?
What about your body composition goals?
Should our goals take a back seat just because it is winter?
NO. They should not.
I want to help you.
My own personal strategies for you to help you avoid any excess weight gain this winter.
  1.  DON’T SKIP THE GYM. Make it your goal to hit the gym at LEAST 3 x per week. It is a fact that even 3 sessions can help you achieve your strength and body composition goals you may have. Use that time in the gym wisely. Prioritize your strength training, however a little extra cardio in the warm-up or after your weights can help your total daily energy expenditure, meaning more calories burnt in total. Do this especially if you seem to be sitting more than usual during the day. Walking around in between your sets can help!
  2. CONTROL your carb and fat intake. We all enjoy carbs. Especially in winter. You don’t have to avoid them. Just be smart about them. How can you be smart? Well, you can track how many you are having in my fitness pal. You can time them around your training window. I prefer going post – training for glycogen replenishment, especially after a hard strength session.
  3. USE MY FITNESS PAL. USE IT. Stay within your calorie allowance for the day. It is very easy to overeat! If you are not moving around as much, then its much easier to come out of a calorie deficit.
  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE when the sun is out! Get outside & enjoy it. Walk around a little more just because you can & it’s not freezing.
  5. ADD an indoor stretch session or HOT yoga class to your routine 1 or 2 x a week. Movement is movement.
  6. Get yourself a coach or a gym buddy someone to HOLD you accountable to make sure you don’t miss your gym session.
Don’t use this as a time to let yourself go!
You will regret it in a couple of months.