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What is Macro Calculator?

This calculator is designed by flexible dieters. IIFYM is another name for flexible dieting. The full form of IIFYM is if it fits your macros. Macros are short for macro nutrients, and they are defined as substrates used to produce energy in the body. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the macro nutrients. The caloric total for food is calculated by adding all the macro nutrient amount together.

Enter your gender, age & goal

Fat – loss: aggressive deficit
Maintain: maintain your current body weight
Lose 10%: usually a 10-15% deficit
Muscle gain: a calorie surplus (eating above your maintenance level

Entering in BODYFAT % if you know it please enter it in if you don’t you can leave it out.

Enter your height & weight. Height in CM. Weight in KG

Calorie Breakdown
For your total daily calorie breakdown, make sure you click ALL meals. If you want to know the breakdown for each meal, click how many meals you will be eating per day.

Choosing Activity Level

HIGHLY ACTIVE: If you are on your feet all day & train 6 x per week.
SEDENTARY: If you sit down all down & do not train.

Everyone else somewhere in between.


Protein Target

If you do heavy strength training 4-5 x a week you should be aiming for HIGH protein.  For beginners & standard gym users adjust protein goal to NORMAL.

Once these steps are completed you will have your total daily calorie intake & your macro goals.