Danni – 1on1 Personal Training Client

From my first consultation with Chrissy I instantly felt comfortable with what I was about to get myself into. After 3 years off training, 2 babies later and 16kg heavier I was not looking forward to joining a gym. But from that moment, I knew she had my best interest in mind. Her constant support, guidance and v helped me achieve more than my goals. 2 years of training with Chrissy and I wouldn’t train with anyone else! She has helped transform me both physically and mentally into a strong “sexy mumma”.

Anna – OMEGAFIT Crossfit Client

I try to make it to the 6am class at Omega when possible. I love the morning classes with Chrissy because she is full of energy. You need this sort of energy when you crawl out of bed at 5am for the gym. Her bubbly and vibrant personality makes the wod so much easier to complete. She knows how to work with your ability and she also damn well know how to push you to your limits. There is nothing that is impossible with Chrissy. On top of that, she is knowledgeable about nutrition. I’ve had an hour seminar with her and boy, she has changed my mind about the way I see food. You don’t get that sort of trainer these days, the ones that work with their heart.

Henry – OMEGAFIT Crossfit Client

When you think you can’t, she’ll drive, push and inspire you to get that last rep. She’ll hold you accountable to keep you on the right path. And when you’ve lost your way, she’ll lead you back. There aren’t many trainers who are this passionate, supportive and encouraging of their students. Chrissy will always go above and beyond to provide you the tools needed so you can achieve your goals, no matter what they are!

Katerina – 1on1 Personal Training Client

Since starting personal training with Chrissy, she has helped me not only lose 12kg but also improve my strength, helping me activate muscles that hadn’t been used in a long time and had caused me knee pain. At the beginning of my journey I wasn’t able to do basic workouts but Chrissy showed me easier variants to the exercises, making sure that I was doing them correctly and building up strength to move on to slightly harder versions. We started with squats using a bench to avoid knee pain but still activate the muscles, and now we are doing normal squats with weights. She is always encouraging me to improve my fitness and wellbeing, working on better nutrition and achieving my goals! She has made my fitness journey better, helping me with any questions I have and understanding that this is a life change and not just something done for a short while. I couldn’t recommend Chrissy enough, she has helped me tremendously and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her!

Kate – 1on1 Personal Training Client

When it comes to your health, and becoming the best ‘you’ you can possibly be – you don’t just need a trainer who drills you through exercises, and tells you what to do – you need a trainer who tells you tells you that you CAN do it and genuinely believes in your transformation. Chrissy, believes in mental and physical health training by promoting a healthy and balanced life style, positive self-affirmation talk and training hard and safely, you will push past all your physical and mental boundaries you didn’t think you could. Chrissy will help you reach, exceed and plan new goals transforming you from head to toe to the best version of yourself you can be.

Paul – OMEGAFIT Crossfit Client

Coach Christina is one of a kind. I l’ve met and trained with many PTs before and often they are good at one or two things but lack in other areas. Christina is different in the sense that she’s an outstanding all rounder, and this is what you need for results. Whether it’s exercise, stretching, weightlifting, functional body building, to nutrition, or getting you in the right state, you can rely on Christina to get you to where you want to be. Whether it is one on one or group training, I highly recommend working with Christina to achieve your fitness goals.

Bec – 1on1 Personal Training Client

I have had a few personal trainers in the time I have been going to the gym and none compare to the incredible trainer Chrissy is. She has pushed me to new limits I didn’t think were possible and when I wanted to curl into a ball and die in the corner she was right there pushing me to finish. She is my cheerleader both in and out of the gym and without her constant support and guidance I’m not sure I would still be on track with my weight loss goals. I look forward to our weekly PT sessions because she is always proving to me that my body is so much more capable of things I would never dare to try alone. I can’t imagine ever not training with her now! She is amazing at what she does and I am blessed to have found her!